Beyond sustainability
Reuse Reduce Recycle

Sustainable energy concept

If you look at it closely, ‘sustainable’ does not go far enough. Regenerative energy use draws on sources that are not exhausted. The CERVO counts on them.

99% of CERVO’s energy requirements are covered by geothermal energy and an integrated heat recovery system. For the remaining 1% natural gas is used and in the next few years the switch to biogas is planned - and it will be expanded even further. The long-term goal is to achieve a 100% CO2 neutral energy production for heating and hot water.

All waste heat is already being reused in hotel operations. By merging the hotel’s sewerage system, we achieve an efficient waste water heat recovery. The waste heat of the commercial refrigeration is directly used for hot water preparation. The heat recovery of thermal energy and a comprehensive water management system conserve resources.

With drillings in the entire resort, earth probes could be laid, which serve as energy sources, energy storage and to increase efficiency. As a further energy source, solar energy is captured with collectors on the balconies of the new lodge VI. This energy is fed exclusively into the geothermal probes to increase efficiency.

To save heating energy, a demand-dependent ventilation system was installed in the new Lodge VI. Air pollution is measured and then only so much ventilation is provided that fresh air is always available.

The guests can also make their contribution to the efficient use and saving of energy. The hotel rooms are like at home: Don’t let water run unnecessarily, take a shower once instead of filling a whole bathtub, and let fresh air in the room by shortly opening the window completely instead of keeping it only a little open for a long time. These things are nowadays essential in the field of energy efficiency.