Ausblick von unten auf die hoteleigene Klettterwand
Ausblick von unten auf die hoteleigene Klettterwand
Go Higher
Become Stronger

Climbing Wall

The mountains around us invite you to do so. Our climbing wall offers it to you. Refine your climbing skills in the safe environment of your hotel.

For climbing fans and those who want to become one there is a special opportunity to prove their skills: The staircase to the Nomad lodge is fully equipped with four climbing routes and a boulder area and offers mountaineering training on different floors. Both beginners as well as advanced climbers will find their place by choosing the right “tour” based on the color-coded routes. Experienced mountain guides from Zermatt have set up the routes and are available for private and group lessons.


For non-hotel guests:

  • 1h climbing by yourself for CHF 25.00 per adult, CHF 15.00 per child up to 15 years of age
  • 2h climbing with a mountain guide für CHF 190.00 plus CHF 20.00 per adult
  • Harnesses can be borrowed
  • Minimum 2 people, maximum 4 people
  • If you choose to climb by yourself, you must have prior climbing experience and you will have to sign a liability form.